Life Isn't Always A Day At The BeachYouth Cancer Workbooks

As noted by the author – Pam Ganz:

‘Life Isn’t Always A Day At The Beach’

“If you are a school age child dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, this book is for you; maybe you or your sibling, parent or grandparent, relative or friend has been diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis of cancer may cause many changes and adjustments in your life. It can be difficult time for you as well as for family and friends. We hope that Life Isn’t Always A Day At The Beach will help you cope with cancer by helping you express and share some of the many feelings and thoughts your may have. You may also understand your feelings better after writing, drawing or talking about them with a parent, family member, counselor, teacher or friend.”

‘Life Isn’t Always A Breeze’

“Your life may or may not have been a breeze before cancer became a part of your current reality. Either way, now that cancer is a part of your life, moving forward means entering into unfamiliar territory and navigating your way through the journey. The experience of coping with a cancer diagnosis is an unexpected challenge that will require adapting in new and creative ways to adjust to your new world. This supportive journal was created and designed with the goal and hope that it can provide a bit of shelter from the storm.”

You can’t imagine how these books have helped out patients and their families adjust and cope with the Cancer in their lives. It opens dialogue between parents and children, etc. It brings hope into a sometime hopeless situation.

If you are interested in receiving either of these books, please contact the office at 717-244-2174.