Support Groups

support group

Support Groups


H.O.P.E. coordinates several support groups to provide a comfortable environment for coping with the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis. These support groups offer participants a laid-back atmosphere to discuss fears, hopes, and successes related to their cancer journey. Patients, family members, and friends are all welcome to attend.

Get further details, learn about the scope of each group, when and where it meets, and who should attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration needed in advance?
Yes, an Intake Form will need to be filled out. Call the office.

Who is the contact person?
[email protected]

Examples of presenters?
Presenters/Speakers come from a multitude of different aspects of life involving cancer families, such as nutritional information, Holistic interests like Reiki and Tai Chi. H.O.P.E. welcomes anyone with a special interest who would like to speak at a support group meeting.

Time and place of the meeting?
Regular Cancer Support Group meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month starting at 7 pm. and held at the office.