Hospital Equipment


Hospital Equipment

A cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatments often bring physical impairment to its patients. H.O.P.E. provides walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs and other small hospital equipment designed to bring mobility and comfort to those in need. H.O.P.E. understands the vast need for this service and therefore extends the use of such equipment to anyone in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can such items be donated?
Yes, please contact office and we can make arrangements for donations to be brought to the office. Please be aware that any equipment must be in good working order.

Must someone have a prescription or demonstrate a need?
No prescription necessary to borrow any piece of equipment.

Are the items on loan with expectation of return? Is duration of loan limited?
All hospital medical equipment can be loaned out for as long as needed, and arrangements can be made to pick up or drop off.